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Issue #4 - Opinion Page

by Madison Hawley

  Each year, the senior class is diagnosed with a crippling disease of having zero enthusiasm and empathetic behavior towards assignments. A drastic dip in self-motivation is evident. Although many may call seniors simply lazy, the feelings they often have are completely valid. 
   Often this affliction causes seniors to have difficulty completing schoolwork. This can worry teachers and parents as a drastic decline in work ethic could end in grades plummeting and even one not graduating. Each year, however, the seniors remarkable make it through. 

   These students have gone all their lives through the school system. This system causes one to jump through a series of various and seemingly never-ending hoops. With the end of the tunnel so close, it is fair to want to skip over some of these more mundane and monotonous tasks. 
   In addition, senior year is extremely important in ways other than just school work. This is the last year that many students will live at home with their families and see the same peers that many have grown up beside. Graduation marks a milestone in one’s life, not just by receiving a diploma. 

   Senior year is busy. Between balancing sports, a part time job, scholarships, college admissions, future plans, and spending quality time with friends and loved ones, it is reasonable that a few homework assignments get turned in half finished. Furthermore, these students are simply just done with busywork that in their mind seems mostly pointless. 
   All in all, Senioritis may be a plague, but, as with all illnesses, it has its causes. Concern can be warranted, but in most cases, Senioritis is not a terminal illness. Seniors deserve to be able to relax after years of hard work and dedication. 


by Lyra Codney

   Every year, a disease plagues the seniors of Burlington High School. This virus spreads through the halls like wild fire, causing senior after senior craving to leave the school. This virus is known as… senioritis.
Senioritis occurs happens when seniors begin to believe school is no longer necessary, or a waste of time. Frankly they’re wrong. The final year of their high school education may be the most important one.

  Senior year is the time where most will pick colleges, choose a career path, and most importantly, the final year before adulthood. Students have only known schooling their whole life; they want to get out and have experiences beyond these halls. However, many are unprepared for real life.
   However, many students say school doesn’t teach them anything for the real world. They know nothing of utilities costs, taxes, or any other financial responsibilities. This is a big part of the adult world. 

  School teaches you soft skills, though. It helps create a unique person that is able to communicate properly with peers. Without soft skills, it would be difficult to properly function in society.
  Senioritis is a virus of moving on too fast. Everyone gets so caught up in the doom and gloom of high school that they can't even see how lucky they are. Enjoy the last year with friends. After all, it’s the last year before the rush of the real-world hits you.

   It’s that time of year when students have likely been accepted into colleges and are filling out scholarship after scholarship to save a little money. Some might be thrilled about leaving high school. Others might be feeling the stress of leaving and starting a new chapter of their lives.
   Either way, college is a big step in today’s world to work toward landing one’s dream career. More often than not, one will hear high school students talking about college classes, dream schools, and the dread they feel. However, college is not the path for everyone. 

   Especially now, secondary education is simply an expected course. There are so many other ways for people to go into the work force, though. It’s entirely unfair to judge someone for not wanting to take the traditional, 4-year, state college route. 
   It’s not uncommon to hear freshman or even middle school students beginning to stress about going to college. In a lot of families, college is the only acceptable future. Because of this, a lot of students aren’t even aware of other options. 

   Trade school, community college, or even one pursuing a GED are some alternatives. Some even take on a travel career or an apprenticeship straight out of high school. Those who go into the military often don’t pursue a secondary education at all. 
   With so many ways one can make something of themselves, why is there still judgement surrounding those who don’t choose college? While a lot of grief may come from the older generations, there is still a sense of superiority that hangs in the air around some college-goers. Whichever path one may choose to take, there are endless career options waiting to be pursued. 

compiled by Sarah G.
compiled by Sarah G.
drawn by Allie H.
drawn by Allie H.