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Issue #4 - Front Page

Boardly Competitions Bring Wildcat Spirit to BHS

by Allie Harris

   January 13th: Winter Homecoming. After the basketball game against Eureka, everyone gets dressed up for this semiformal dance and hang out with their friends. Just like Fall Homecoming’s parade, though, there is a class competition to go along with this event.

   At last, the class artists get their time to shine with homecoming’s bulletin board competition. Every class is assigned a board to decorate within the school. Then, while going along with the theme, they spend two hours coloring, cutting, and stapling like their lives depend on it.

   “The theme this year is just Burlington pride,” STUCO Sponsor Crystal Ecton explained. As the Eureka Tornados are the opponents this year, they were featured in many of the boards. As well as that, many Willy the Wildcats, basketball players, and even Vice Principal Wilson were featured in the students’ creations.

   Seniors had the cafeteria board, juniors had Mr. Vander Linden’s, sophomores had the STUCO bulletin board, and the freshmen had the one by the band room. The theme was school pride. With such a broad subject, every class had their own unique interpretations that they presented.

   Additional rules were that the plotter could not be used and that teachers assigned to supervise could not help decorate. While this was not a problem for some, juniors had to get a bit creative with how they could include their various printed out photos in their board. As a solution, much of the decorating time was spent cutting out dozens of split up photos and taping together the different pieces. The occasional side got lost, or in one case, a foot.

   They were not the only ones rushing to get everything done on time, though. The sophomores did their board almost entirely in glitter glue, with a buff rendition of the vice principal as the main attraction. The freshman used a variety of mediums and materials, the most unique being a plastic microphone. Their board also features a muscle-bound hunk, this time being Willy.

   As for the seniors, instead of photoshopping pictures and cutting them out, they freehanded the entire board. Some of it was made out of colored paper, but the most impressive thing about theirs was the colored drawings of Willy and Eureka’s

Tornado. Senior Cadence Isch and her mom were the artists behind the outlines, but the entire decorating group pitched in for the rest. When asked what the most time-consuming part was, Josie Fajfar simply answered, “Coloring.”

   The Catbackers are judging the competition this year. The winners have yet to be announced, and when the results will be told is still unclear. As of now, the first place could belong to anyone.

   Homecoming is the biggest dance until prom, and a big competition was certainly necessary for an event like that. Some years, boards are simple, fast, and sleek. For others, like this year, the time limit is the biggest thing holding the teams back. It is truly a blast for everyone involved.

   New events are always welcome, and this year has been full of them. However, old traditions like the board decorating night will forever be special. Everyone’s 2023 creations were spectacular, so how they will get topped in the coming years remains to be seen.

Seniors gather around to painstakingly color in the amazing dunking wildcat featured on their board. (Photo: Allie Harris)
Seniors gather around to painstakingly color in the amazing dunking wildcat featured on their board. (Photo: Allie Harris)

Will Your New Years Resolution Stick?

by Teagan Harris

   Newspaper Editor Teagan Harris interviewed staff and students at BHS asking about their New Year’s Resolutions and if they thought they would stick to them.


Dirk Over:

“I forgot to make one. Maybe next year.”


Freshman Brody Kitt:

“I decided to work out every morning. I don’t think I’m going to stick to that.”

Senior Gabby Lyons:

“I’m going to stop spending so much money on stuff I don’t need. [That is] probably not going to last long.”

Sophomore Chloe Gosney:

“I want to stop getting hurt. It’s not working.”


Sophomore Zalie Allen:

“I want Chloe to stop getting hurt. She hasn’t gotten very far with that”


Junior Harleigh Baker:

“I’m going to keep the frog on my saxophone there all year and not lose it. [That] should be easy because Cooper is gone.”

Freshman Camden Plummer:

“I said I would stop losing all my [guitar] picks… so far I’ve already lost two.”

Senior Kylie Price:

“Reading my affirmations every day. I will stick with this resolution because it has always been good for my well-being.”

Junior Nathan Griffin:

“I will eat more green foods, like vegetables and stuff. I think I’m doing okay, [and] I probably won’t give up. Probably.”


Jamie Humlicek:

“I’m trying to stay in the moment because of this poem:

‘The practice of

staying present will

heal you. Obsessing

about how the future

will turn out creates

anxiety. Replaying

broken scenarios from

the past causes anger

or sadness. stay here,

in this moment.’

-S. Mcnutt”