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Issue #2 - Front Page

Girls Go for Gold On the Gridiron

  By Madison Hawley

   Mind Over Matter is hosting a Powder Puff tournament for high school students. This tournament will act as a fundraiser for the new club as well as pack a meaningful message. What does Powder Puff entail, though?

   Students were asked to compile their own teams. There were several requirements; each team needed at least eight players with a maximum of ten. Teams would then need to find two BHS football players to coach their team. Compiled teams then payed their entry fee and created team shirts. Boys, many of which are football players, created their own cheer team with BHS cheerleaders acting as coaches.

   Three teams spanning all classes and athletes were created; their names are She Unit, Blitz Babes, and Pink Puffs. The three units will compete in a round-robin tournament, meaning each team will play each other. The winning team will receive their very own Powder Puff trophy.

   Leaders of Mind Over Matter, Juniors Johanna Carrasco and Ella Rolf, created this tournament in

order to “destigmatize the mental health regarding student athletes,” says Johanna. This event is not only drawing attention to the importance of mental health in high school but also at the college level, where the emotional wellbeing of athletes and students is an increasing issue.

   The truth is student athletes are busy. The stress of being involved in many activities and the pressure to succeed can take a mental toll on young people. The point of this tournament is to remind athletes that sports are meant to be an overall fun experience. The Powder Puff tournament gives students a chance to let off some steam.

   This is something that students have wanted to put together for many years. Earlier ideas included having Powder Puff be a part of homecoming festivities. Holding the tournament after the regular football season and giving it a meaning as well has led to this being a success for Mind Over Matter.

   “We want it to be an annual thing, a tradition that everyone looks forward to,” explains Ella Rolf. Not only

would this give a lasting message of mental health, but also bring opportunities for students and the community to get involved. The tournament would require football players, cheerleaders, and all who want to join to all coordinate together.

   Student involvement has soared with this tournament. People are getting extremely passionate. For example, teams and coaches have created playbooks and organized practices. A whole half time performance has also been designed.

   While the girls are on the field, the boys will take up the pom-poms. With help from the actual cheer team, the boys have learned basic cheers and put together a dance for in-between games. Junior Nathan Griffin states that he is “most excited for the dance,” where he will show off his dancing skills with Freshman Camden Plumber, Sophomore Mason Neff, and Junior Brody Reynolds.

   Hopefully, the tournament will run smoothly and the school and community will show their spirit November fourth. The student body of future years shall see if the tournament becomes a yearly staple. However, this is certainly a great success for our students and for Mind Over Matter.

The Pink Puffs celebrate their win holding the first place trophy. (PHOTO: Cam S.)
The Pink Puffs celebrate their win holding the first place trophy. (PHOTO: Cam S.)

Dual Sports: An Incoming Reality?

By Lyra Codney

For this article, Athletic Director Taylor Wilson was interviewed about duel sports. Here’s what he said

Q: What benefits do duel sports have on athletes?

A: “[They] could benefit athletes by giving them a chance to do what they want to do. Sometimes baseball and golf are happening at the same time, but you have kids who want to do both. This gives kids the opportunity to do everything they are interested in.”

Q: What sports would be able to do duel sports and why?

A: “An individual sport with a team sport, because it would truly be tough to duel sport with two team sports. You’re going to have to also choose one as a primary sport in case of conflict between games/meets.”

Q: How would duel sports affect the school?

A: “This could potentially make some of our sports more effective. This allows some of our best athletes, if they want, to help out in other sports making us more successful in multiple sports at the same time.”

Q: Will the idea of having duel sports ever become real?

A: “There’s no exact answer or deadline. Potentialy soon, this school year with next semester spring sports. 2023 being the earliest if not then, then fall of 2023.”

Q: What were the past conversations had about duel sports?

A: “I’ve had conversations with all the coaches about duel sports over the summer then some during the school year. Most coaches are open to it if the kids who are doing get approved by both coaches and myself. They will also have to have good grades. They have to prove they can successfully have one sport and all A’s and B’s in order to duel sport.”

Q: What other schools have duel sports in Kansas? A: “Most schools do; we are one of the few small schools that doesn’t. For example, Osage City, Livet County, a lot of schools around Burlington in similar in size to us [do]. Most have option to do two sports at once. It is more common than not. More schools allow it then don’t allow it.”