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Issue #3 - Front Page

Coziness Brings Warmth to Classrooms

by Sarah Gifford

   Decorating classrooms can look like many things, from putting posters on walls to using lamps instead of overhead lights. Educators find ways to make their rooms look more like home. This helps students feel more welcome.

   This idea is simple but effective. Teachers can put couches in their rooms to give a comfy, homey vibe. Students absolutely love to lay down and take a nap in their spare time.

   One way that teachers decorate their classrooms is putting in vegetation. These plants can vary from small to large. Mr. Sloop has a greenhouse, he is the only science teacher giving out plants. He says the reason behind the idea was, “I put plants in other people’s classrooms because I love them and I want to share the beauty of them with everyone.”

   Feeling safe in school is a priority. Educators want their students to be able to

open up to them and to really have meaningful conversations. Even if students are not talking to teachers, they are at least talking to friends. They want students to feel like they can trust teachers.

   Something that high school teachers want is for their students to feel comfortable at school. Lillian Lingenfelter, a new teacher this year, wants for her students to grow in the best way possible. She says, “I think that students learn best in an environment where they are comfortable and in a place that best fits their needs.”

   Not only do teachers want their classrooms to be homey, but also a fun environment. Teachers establish rules, and make boundaries to help the atmosphere become friendlier. They will also make the work and the assignments more enjoyable.

   Students enjoy having quiet corners to relax and

have a moment to themselves. These quiet corners can also be used for reading or even doing homework. These nooks consist of something comfy to sit or lay on, fluffy pillows, and sometimes even a blanket.

   The eighth reason is that music is enjoyed amongst all. Sometimes people do not like certain types of music. That is why teachers keep the volume low. Even if there are haters, it is still enjoyable to have a distraction.

   Teachers like the opportunity to be able to have games in their classroom. Free time is cherished when given and students want to make the best of it. Whether it is playing a board game, chess, pool, ping pong, or on the Wii, people love it.

   The school and classrooms are a safe place for everyone. Everyone should have a place to go to let off steam. Overall, a homey classroom is the best classroom.

Sports Season Passes Coming Soon

by Lyra Codney

News Writer Lyra Codney interviewed Athletic Director Taylor Wilson about some common question asked about the new season passes.

   Q: How does season passes benefit our school?

   A: “[We were] Hoping to encourage more people to come to all the games. So, if you buy a season pass you’re more obligated to come to every game instead of two or three.”


Q: What are the goals you’re trying to accomplish with season passes?

   A: “Increase attendance, [and it’s] more convenient for the community because I never carry cash. So, the idea is you have to get cash [and] bring it into the game. I feel like this simplifies it for some people.”


Q: What target audience are you trying to reach with reason passes?

   A: “Primary community members, since High Schoolers get in for free, and so do teachers and staff… Family benefits the most.”


  Q: What are the prices of season passes and the math behind it?

   A: “[An] Individual one is 40 dollars…. We host 13 home events. So, if you go to 8 out of those 13 then you get your money’s worth. It’s 150 for a family, 14 events if you have three kids and two adults. That’s 19 dollars to come to one game.”


 Q: Do you think it will stay with just winter sports or evolve to other sport seasons?

   A: “We’ll see how many people like having them and see if there [are] requests for the fall. Because we don’t charge for Baseball or softball, we won’t use them for the spring.”

Students enjoy the comfortable furniture of Ms. Lingenfelter's room. (Photo by MH)
Students enjoy the comfortable furniture of Ms. Lingenfelter's room. (Photo by MH)