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Issue #3 - Entertainment Page

Dear Jane,

   I’m starting to question everything. I was telling my best friend, the one I’ve had since Elementary School, all about the Christmas list I’m making. I wanted some new baking supplies, and I thought Santa wouldn’t mind getting me some, along with clothes.

   The problem is that my friend insists Santa isn’t real. She’s always told me this, but I’ve never actually taken her seriously. I thought it was a joke. I don’t actually have any proof, though, and she seems really adamant now. Is my whole life a giant lie?

Disillusioned Diana

Dear Dreamer Danielle,

   Your friend seems like a glass-half-empty kind of gal. People like that refuse to believe in anything fantastical. They just want everything to be simple and predictable. People like you are much better than that. You have an imagination, and that’s so special.

   Personally, while I’ve never met Santa, someone has to leave the cookies I leave out. Someone has to bring the presents. It’s so much better to think it’s a whimsical man with a beard and an army of elves than my parents sneaking around. Don’t let that girl sour your life; dream on.