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Issue #1 - Front Page

Newspaper Staff Re-Imagines School Paper

by Teagan Harris

   For years upon years, the school newspaper has remained relatively the same. The same templates, layouts, and story ideas have been used and reused. There is nothing wrong with that, but many believe it is time for a change.

   This year, the newspaper staff is switching things up. Michael Vander Linden, the fairly new Publications teacher, has been running the paper for two years now. Last year, he stuck to a similar structure that has been used for years.

   This is not the case for this year’s paper. Mr. Vander Linden is leading the staff in reinventing the entire Newspaper. This starts with something simple, yet effective: a name change. The paper has recycled “Cat Tracks” and has become “Paws for the Press;” a true symbol for everything different for up and coming issues.

  Mr. Vander Linden states, “I think change is necessary in all regards because if you’re not moving forward you’re falling behind.” He admits that the old format was more formal and old school; he knows well that the students have been wanting something more exciting. The new sophomore staff members, Sarah Gifford and Lyra Codney aid in new changes, as they have a good, fresher idea of what reading the paper from an outside perspective is like.

   Along with this name change comes template changes. All old headers, including icons and fonts, have been changed and revamped to fit the new, exciting paper. Another huge change is the Willie photoshoot that was held by the staff to decorate the tops of pages.

   When it comes to the actual content of the paper, there are some major differences some people may not notice. Fonts have been changed; Palantino is a font staffers hope to never use again. Stories are shorter and hopefully packed full of information.

   Pictures, on the other hand, will be more plentiful. A new page titled “We the People” will make its appearance in this very first issue. The page will be filled with photos to showcase what has been happening among the students in the months leading to the issue’s publication. Infographics, which is simply information compiled into a graphic, will also litter the pages to make them more pleasant to view.

   All of these differences have mainly been led by not Mr. Vander Linden, but the students on the newspaper staff. As Mr. Vander Linden says: “Students know students.” He claims that giving his staff these creative liberties not only helps him out with his work load, but also helps attain the true goals of these changes- getting the students to actually read the paper.

   He is not the only one excited about the new paper; Sandy Loucks has been keeping up with the students and eagerly awaiting the first issue to be sent to her. She says, “I might miss teaching those classes, but I do not miss the same old templates. I am happy to see you all taking charge.” She admits that the old style of paper suited her, but these new improvements suit not only Mr. Vander Linden, but the student body as a whole.

   All in all, the school is changing. Thus, the way we absorb media about the school must change too. All of these differences made to draw the student body in were done by hard work, and the Newspaper staff knows there will be a sweet payoff.



New Administration Joins BHS Wildcat Family

by Madison Hawley

  This school year has brought plenty of firsts for BHS. The largest of these are the new administration in the building. Principal, Jodi Grover, and Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Taylor Wilson, have made the smooth transition in becoming our new administration.

    Mrs. Grover has been involved in small schools from the surrounding areas for the past 20 years. She has worked in fields ranging from coaching softball and volleyball, counseling, directing at an alternative school, and being a middle school assistant principal. Mr. Wilson came from Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas. There, he coached football and track. He was also the girls’ athletic director.

   Both our new administrators and the staff and students of Burlington have had to get used to some differences. Mr. Wilson, for example, has found the need for a winter coat and had to get used to his ecstatic intern, senior Josie Fejfar. Students were able to make the adjustment easily once they got to see how passionate both Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Grover are about BHS. Students love to see the new administration being active in the community.

   Both Mrs. Grover and Mr. Wilson were shocked by the welcoming community. This is one reason why Mrs. Grover chose to come to Burlington. She had previously visited Burlington as a presenter. There, she saw how open-minded and eager the BHS staff was in order to learn how to better help students. This left a lasting impression on the new principal.

   Mr. Wilson was looking for a place to raise his kids in a school that would allow them to be involved. He found just that here at Burlington. He and his wife enjoyed taking the whole family to cross country meets this season.

   Mrs. Grover and Mr. Wilson came to BHS with ideas to enact this year. Both have been great at cooperating with students regarding changes. More than ever, students have felt that their voice matters in decisions. Junior Ella Rolf testifies, “When creating the Powder-Puff tournament, Mr. Wilson always made sure to let us take lead when making decisions.”

   Mrs. Grover and Mr. Wilson are actively finding ways that students can be more involved. Mrs. Grover looks forward to creating a Student Policy Committee headed by Mrs. Lingenfelter to tackle wanted new updates to the student handbook that would directly affect students. Both administrators are open to discussing new ideas.

   Moreover, Mr. Wilson loves how active the student body is in sporting events. This year, BHS has seen a sizable difference in the students going to out of town and volleyball games. Mr. Wilson challenges the students, however to bring “even more school pride in every aspect.”

   Now that we have made it past first quarter, the new staff and students have gotten to know each other. Mrs. Grover explains BHS’s outlook: “Every day is a good day,” she says. School pride is radiating from the halls.

   Many changes have occurred here at Burlington, but each have been made with the betterment of the students and school in mind. Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Grover have made their home here in the community and have brought a fresh set of minds to the school. The goal is to continue the traditions that BHS enjoys and to continue to make Burlington great.