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Issue #3 - Opinion Page

by Allie Harris

   Because of its cold nature, Winter is a fairly unpopular season. For winter lovers, though, the best thing about the season is obvious. It’s the white, fluffy snow that coats the ground and roofs.

   The season just isn’t the same without snow. Why would anyone want dead trees, cloudy skies, frost and breath in the air, but no snow? Being cold and dry is easier, but it isn’t worth the trouble. Shivering in the snow is completely different. It's not freezing your tail off for no good reason.

   Especially in December, there’s a magic that comes with snow falling. Children catch snowflakes on their tongues and work on their best snowman yet. Parents laugh by the fire, cocoa in hand. The feeling of the holidays just isn’t there without any sleds to ride or snowball fights to wage.

   There’s also a child-like spirit that comes when wading through the slush. Running around with red fingers and toes while getting to throw things at your friends and family is a feeling teens and adults seldom feel these days. It's just like a snowday in your youth.

   Those who don’t like snow complain about how wet everything is and how you don’t get as cold when it’s dry out. They don’t like tracking sludge through the house and having to thaw out their fingers. While the inconvenience is understandable, would you argue that it should never rain because it’s muddy and annoying? Would you want a boring holiday season?

   There’s plenty of days in the year for clear skies and warm breeze. Winter is not that. For the chilly season in the year, especially Christmas, it just isn’t the same without some snow.


by Sarah Gifford

   Imagine waking up freezing cold and looking out the window. There appears to be snow on the ground. Ugh. It is a sign of cold, being out in the snow makes it all worse. Just the thought sends shivers up your spine.

   Yeah, sure, snow is appealing to the eye, but it is an absolute menace. It's hardly ever fluffy. It's slick, ugly, and gets in your shoes. Who actually likes walking around in slush, and having a frozen body? No one is that insane.

   Snow is pretty when falling, and disgusting when on the ground. It is usually powdery, and difficult to compact. That makes it hard to chuck at people because it falls apart halfway through the air.

   Also, let us be honest, snow gets everywhere. Not only does it get everywhere outside, but it also gets everywhere inside too. People walk in the snow, then go inside buildings and leave water in their tracks. Another downside to that turf transition is squeaky shoes; they are bound to make noise no matter what.

   When it is snowing, that means the air is colder than usual. Cold is gross. Snow is gross. The least enjoyable thing is to be wearing enough layers to be able to melt glaciers. No one wants that! 

   Probably the worst thing about snow is when it melts just enough to make standing water. Then the water freezes, creating a pretty good layer of ice. With all that ice, bodies are just dropping everywhere. There is also, obviously, a higher rate of car accidents. Ice and snow both have great reason to be despised.

   Out of the many holiday season traditions, watching one’s favorite holiday movie is one of the best. Snuggling up in a warm blanket when it is cold outside is bliss. The best movie to watch with a warm cup of hot chocolate is  The Polar Express.

   Firstly, the characters of the film are written to be relatable for children. The main characters are named Hero Boy, Hero Girl, and Billy. The boy learns to believe, the girl learns to lead, and Billy learns that he is never alone with his friends.

   These children are role models throughout the film, with stark contrast in behavior with the other side characters. They own up to their mistakes, are loyal, and are daring. They are great for young children to look up to as well.

   Next, the music in the film is astonishing. Some come during emotional parts in the movie, and give depth to the characters, such as when Billy sings “When Christmas Comes to Town” with “Hero Girl.” The most iconic though, is simply a fun tune; “Hot Chocolate,” plays when steaming cups of cocoa are dramatically given to guests of The Polar Express.

   The movie is also a fantastic example of the “magic of Christmas.” Of course, the film is fiction, but it showcases unbelievable acts of Santa magic. The film radiates holiday spirit.

   All in all, The Polar Express is the best Christmas movie. Nothing can compare to its spirit, sound track, and morals. Make sure to give it a watch this holiday season.

Compiled By Teagan Harris
Compiled By Teagan Harris
Drawn By Lyra Codney
Drawn By Lyra Codney