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Issue #1 - Entertainment Page

by Madison H.
by Madison H.

Dear Jane,

   I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night due to my new neighbors that are werewolves. I’ve tried to ask them to stop howling at night, but they said they don’t know how to. They say there’s a secret to stopping the temptation to howl.

    They’ve tried going to bed before the moon rises, but they just wake up in the middle of the night. I tried recommending soundproofing their house, but they say it’s too expensive. Please help me! I need to sleep.

Up all night Nancy

Dear night owl Nancy,

   I’m glad to tell you that I found a solution to your howl in the night. I did some research, and, according to studies, your neighbors just need to drink one warm glass of milk before night. Then, they will no longer feel the need to howl.

   On top of that, you might want to stay on your neighbors’ good side, or they might just howl to annoy you. I’ve heard that werewolves really love circle shaped chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkles. Hope everything goes well, especially your sleep tonight.


Crossword Answers


1 Mr. Twil

2. Panara Half and Half

3 Orange

6 Curling

7 Bone Chews

11 Roller Coaster

15 Neither

16 Grits


4 Rowing and Biking

5 Taurus

9 Cereal

10 Every other day

12 Pirouette

13 Friends

14 Red and Grey

17 Aquarius

18 Fanny Pack