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Burlington High School Mission:

Our school community is committed to preparing our students for success
by providing a solid foundation in the basic skills required for lifelong learning.


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February Student of the Month

Burlington High School Student of the Month

February 2019


Blake was nominated by Mrs. Renae Gifford, Mrs. Kayla Taylor, and Mrs. Maggie Schlotterbeck. They said, “Blake is kind and helpful.  On popcorn days, he sweeps the floor without being asked.  He completes his assignments and cooking labs with care and has a positive attitude doing so. Blake comes to school with a smile on his face and can make anyone’s day turn right side up.”

Other nominees for February and the teacher who nominated them:


Abby Sleezer—Mrs. Loucks

Emily Whitney—Mrs. Taylor

Jarrett Truelove—Mr. Over

Jara Thorp—Mr. Over

Jalyn Griffith—Mr. Over

Kirsten Young—Mr. Over

Ashlynn Doebele—Mrs. Taylor

Ali Dunlop—Mr. Over

Kenyon Duffy—Mrs. Parker

Alli Blaufuss—Mrs. Parker


Caleb Haselhuhn, Tyler Carpenter, Sarah Unruh, Logan Herrman, Josh Alford, and Seth Jarvis (Scholar’s Bowl League and Regional Champions)—Mrs. Haselhuhn

Paige Sloyer, Josh Alford, and Ashlyn Doebele(Student Council and classroom work)—Mrs. Hess

Theater Kids (assisted with prom painting)—Mrs. Spangenberg


BHS Bell Schedule

Warning Bell 7:55 am
1st Hour 8:00 – 8:51 am
CAP Advisory 8:54 – 9:12 am
Second Breakfast 9:12 – 9:18 am
2nd Hour 9:22 – 10:12 am
3rd Hour 10:15 – 11:04 am
1st Lunch / 4th Hour 11:04 – 11:30 am  / 11:34 – 12:22 pm
4th Hour / 2nd Lunch 11:08 – 11:56 am / 11:56 – 12:22 pm
5th Hour 12:26 – 1:14 pm
6th Hour 1:18 – 2:07 pm
7th Hour 2:11 – 3:00 pm