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Issue #2 - Entertainment Page


Principles of Tech, What classes can count as either a science or math credit?

Two, How many kids does Mr. T Will have?

Twenty-fifth, What day is Black Friday on?

Mr. Bruening, Who is the Scholars Bowl sponsor?

Mr. Johnson, Who is the biology teacher?

Three, How many sports does Mr. Johnson coach?


Family Career and Community Leaders of America, What does FCCLA stand for?

Powder Puff, What is the female flag football game called?

Mrs. Vander Linden, Who got married first: Mrs. Weston or Mr. Vander Linden?

Junior, What grade writes the Just Junk short stories?

Fourteen, How many years has Mrs. Carden been a FFA sponsor?

C and C, What club is trying to start up?

Football, What fall sport has the most community pressure?

Yes, Is Scholars Bowl KSHAA sanctioned?