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Student Grade Position
Kurt Keegan 12 Scarecrow
Sage Kuhlmann 12 Cowardly Lion
Emmalea Yunk 12 Glinda
Cooper Carlson 12 Winki General
Michelle Phillips 11 Dorothy
Amber Scott 11 Tin Man
M. Hawley 11 Nikko the Flying Monkey
Kylie Price 11 Ensemble
Harleigh Baker 10 Oz
Owen Yokum 10 Uncle Henry
Nathan Griffin 10 Ensemble
Cadence Myers 10 Ensemble
Toby Murray 10 Ensemble
Mallory Over 9 Wicked Witch of the West
Zalie Allen 9 Aunt Em
Eli Ervin 9 Emerald City Guard
Carlee Cole 9 Ensemble
Chloe Gosney 9 Ensemble


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