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About Us

About Us

”All the World is a Stage” – William Shakespeare

Theatre Productions is a group of individuals coming together with the end goal of performing for the community. Typically 2-3 times a year, students will work towards learning a script of some kind (musical, play, dance show) and preparing a performance. Traditionally, the fall is the time for the musical, with the spring being a play/dance show.

Students will audition early on in the semseter to be cast as a role in the show. Then, 2-3 nights a week, cast members gather together to rehearse. The last couple of weeks before the show, we start adding in crew members to learn other parts of the show: lights, set, sound, costumes, and more. It takes everyone knowing exactly what they need to know to be doing to have a succesful show.

We represent a group of kids that enjoy putting themselves out there. Theatre is an art form where kids can gather and accept themselves and others for who they are, and practice who they could become. It is a welcoming space that really pushes fun and hard work to the extreme.


Our reputation is to bring big named shows to the stage and make them larger than life. We haven’t done that in a while, and we are excited to do it again! Whether it being 50 kids dancing around on stage, multi-thousand dollar sets, zooming on and off stage, or flashing lighs that make it look like a 70’s disco party, we really enjoy making every production a must see.


Theatre Productions is all about our shows. We are performing our fall musical on November 12th, 13th, and 14th. Our spring show is still to be announced, but we are ready to go bigger and better!


Our main goals for this year are to bring a popularity back to BHS Theatre. Over the past couple of years, our numbers have dwindled. We’ve done more experimental theatre due to a necessity of smaller shows, but it’s time to bring the students and community back into our theater to make them say “Wow! How do they do that?” and hopefully adding to the students’ mindset of, “I really want to be a part of that.”

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Holly Weston

(620) 364-8478 ext. 4250

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Michael Vander Linden

(620) 364-8478 ext. 4180

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