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Drama Club/Thespians

Merely Players on the Stage of the World

Drama Club is for everyone interseted in the art of theatre. The greatest thing about theatre is that it’s the connection of so many art forms. We do hair styles, makeup, costume creation, painting, building, poetry, music, dancing, graphic design: The list goes on! In Drama Club, we take those who are interseted to delve into more real-world theatrical concepts, whether it’s going to a show, bringing in acting coaches, or hosting our own parties.


Kansas Thespians pushes those actors, actresses and technical theatre people into tougher competition. The Kansas Thespian Conference, in Wichita KS, always occurs the first week of January and has thousands of kids from across the the state come together to compete and celebrate the art form we all love. This is what we like to call the “Honor Society” of Drama Club. 


We have competed at the Kansas Thespian Conference twice since its resurrection in 2018, and have brought back two state competition wins in Charades and Improv.


The Kansas Thespian Conference is always the biggest goal for Kansas Thespians, as we push to compete at the highest level while there.

In Drama Club, Mr. Vander Linden thinks “The events we’ll most look forward to is the Kansas City trip to see the Broadway Show, ‘Wicked’...” To see a professional theater is a rare opportunity that is a phenomneal sight to see. “...In addition, I think the classes that we would like to bring in will help strengthen our actors skill sets.”


Our main goals for the year are:

1. Put on an event once a month throughout the school year.

2. Take a strong group to the Kansas Thespian Conference and win an award.

3. Bring in at least two coaches for theatre lessons

4. Have some fun and throw our own parties!


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