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Our job is to get the crowd involved, make the football game more exciting, and entertain the crowd. We represent sportsmanship and positivity, but most importantly we show what it means to be a team. We are proud to continue to hold the traditions of the past teams. We have kept our run through, the Fight Song, and several other traditions the same.

This year we are so excited for all our home games. They are by far our favorite. The Friday night lights over the Wildcat Stadium, the electricity that you can just feel in the air, but most importantly being at home in our community. Events that come in close second are homecoming, the parade, the pep rally, and just the ability to be able to perform our homecoming dance is fantastic.

Our main goal this year is to represent BHS with class and respect. We want to earn the respect and appreciation from the other sports and our fans. We love being able to smile of the end of the season and wish it wasnt over. We are looking forward to a great season.


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