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This is Head Football Coach John Petrie at Burlington High School. If you are receiving this E-mail it's because your son has indicated to me that he is interested in playing football next school year.  This is an exciting time of year for all of us.  It's also the time of year to start preparing for the next football season. 

What football is


‚ÄčPlayers must bust their tail to be in the correct position to have great contact.  That is why I wanted my son in the weight room during the summer so he could prepare his body, mind, and soul for the intensity of a long season.  To safe guard our players I need them to be in the best shape that they can possibly be in.  We offer an eight-week strength and conditioning program Monday through Thursday at 6:30 am starting May 31, free of charge. I realize that is the same time as our basketball summer camp, those players who are in basketball should be in camp during this time

A lot of time and effort goes into making a successful football program.  I’m not talking about wins and losses.  I’m talking about preparing young men to be successful in life.  I will never say that our main goal of our football program is to win games.  Winning is nice, but there are many factors that go into winning games.  What we want to teach our young men is to become Accountable - Do what you say and say what you mean and hold teammates to the same standards.  To be Selflessness- Put the team and program above myself.   To Finish- Everything you start (Games, plays, drills, chores, class work, etc.) It’s more important for me to teach our young men the meaning of hard work and dedication.  Values that I believe we have lost in our society today.  We have tried to make things too easy for our kids and they have forgotten what it means to put in the work to become successful.  That is why I enjoy football and weight training so much.  It teaches us that the only way to become successful is to put in the work.  There are no short cuts!

We have been asked by many parents about how they can help their student athletes.  One way is to get them to commit to the process. High school athletics are still fun and most of our players want to play and be successful.  Success only comes through hard work, we will not play players just because they are seniors.  We will find the hardest workers and the best players for the positions.  If your student athlete cannot commit to the process of making themselves better they are likely to be watching someone else play their position.  We would never ask a player to not go on a family vacation or not play a summer sport.  We do ask that they make this summer strength and conditioning program a priority.  There are also some important dates to be aware of. A full summer calendar is included.

Lastly, we cannot do this by ourselves.  We need you as a parent to support our young men and our program as they travel through their high school career.  I’m a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child.


Thank you for your time

John Petrie




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