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 Students   Grade Level Instrument
Zoe McKenzie 12 Base Clarinet
Cooper Carlson 12 Tenor Saxophone
Kurt Keegan 12 Trombone
Brock Zimmerman 12 Alto Saxophone
Emma Yunk 12 Percussion
Derek Jesse 12 Trombone
Kaedin Rust 12 Baritone
Harley Alford 12 French Horn
Jacee Marchant 12 Clarinet
Parker McDaniel 12 Alto Saxophone
Elliot Burns 12 Trumpet
Rebekah Shaffer 11 Flute
Teagan Harris 11 Clarinet
Madison Hawley 11 Trumpet
Tristen Devening 11 Trumpet
Tremaine Boyle 11 Percussion
Garreth Palmer 11 French Horn
Amanda Harris 11 French Horn
Patty Hunter 10 Flute
Owen Yokum 10 Clarinet
Brenden Devening 10 Clarinet
Harleigh Baker 10 Bari Saxophone
Toby Murray 10 Percussion
Haley Estrada 10 Baritone
Nathan Griffin 10 Trombone
Madison Keim 9 Clarinet
Tabi McKenzie 9 Alto Saxophone
D’Anna Raymer 9 Trumpet
Mia Gilmore 9 Trumpet
Ty Steffens 9 Percussion
Mason Neff 9 Tuba
Isaac Rinker 9 French Horn



Student Grade Position
Kylyn Allen 12 Alto
Phylisity Johnson 12 Soprano
Amber Scott 11 Soprano
Tiffany Johnson 10 Soprano
Haley Estrada 10 Alto
Yasmin Rogers 10 Alto
Ivy Elmore  10 Alto 
Katy Noonan 10 Alto
Mia Gilmore 9 Soprano
Addyson Van Patten 9 Soprano
Brooke McCarty  9 Alto
Tori Burbride 9 Alto


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