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We have been to state 8 times with girls and 11 times with boys. The last time the team went to state was 2019, where the boys took 12th place.

shoeThe Sportshoe

This is an incrediablly tough sport because action doesn’t end in 20 or 30 seconds. It is 16-25 minutes of continuous competition. This means that our atheltes have to not only be well-conditioned, but have to have the ingredient that is most important to us as a team, GRIT.

Our Team

shoeshoeYou cannot hide in cross country. The beauty of the sport is that it is not only 4 individuals but a team element. This year we expected the boys to come in competing for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in our big meets, competing at league, and regionals to make state.

shoeshoeWe had the 1st place finisher at league in 2019. Our girls have surprised me as we have had some good new runners join the team and it gives this group a chance in 2020 to reach some levels that we weren’t sure we could reach. We now have a chance to fight for 1st or 2nd place at league and potentially qualify for state.

Of course it is not up to the coaches, it is up to the individuals; how hard they want to work for themselves and the team is key. Another important element is that we have to stay healthy. Our goal each year is to be close to peaking at league and to peak at regionals and state.



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