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Unfortunately over the years, SADD has grown smaller and smaller. The average members each year is about 10-15 people.


Every student has a say in every meeting. The sponsor will check with all members before making a big decision.


There are many different events that SADD participates in like:

Red Ribbon: A week long event to show how important SADD really is, usually a speaker comes, one meeting at the end of the week.

Mock Disaster: Mock is a stimulated car crash. The Police department, Fire department, and the EMT’s act like it is a real life event. it seems very real and has an emotional impact on many people around the county.


Easter: We travel to the elementary school and each student grades Pre K- 2nd gets to search for 3 eggs that the members have previously hidden and then they get to make a bunny rabbit mask.


Bucks for Buckles: SADD members stand at each entrance of the high school parking lot. If everyone in the vehicle is wearing a seat belt then each of them get a dollar.


       For more questions call Sharon Henry at (785) - 213 - 5713 or email Mrs. Hawkesworth at






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