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BHS Student of the Month

Posted Date: 10/13/2021

BHS Student of the Month

Burlington High School Student of the Month – October 2021

Paige D.

Mrs. Parker says, “Paige is so wonderful. She cares about me and my class. She works diligently on work days and is never afraid to ask for help. Her maturity is so evident. She is so prepared for her next steps in life. Love her!

Other nominees for the month of October:

Landon Ernst by: Mrs. Davison

Briton Garland by: Mrs. Davison

Kylie Stevenson by: Mr. Vander Linden

Brooke McCarty by: Mrs. Gifford

Carrigan Presley by: Mrs. Davison

Layla Price by: Mrs. Davison

Tucker Williams by: Mrs. Gifford

Molly Birk by: Mrs. Davison

Kylie Burdick by: Mr. Bruening

Yasmin Rogers by: Mrs. Gifford

Montana Fringer by: Mrs. Davison

Josie Fejfar by: Mrs. Parker

Owen McManus by: Mrs. Davison